The parish has groups of people who simply pray reverently to God for people and situations upon request. As a prayer request is received each person passes it on to the next person in the chain, who passes it to the next and so on.

These prayer requests are frequently for people who are ill or about to go into hospital. Sometimes we pray for those who need help with life’s problems and uncertainties.

It is a comfort to know that people in the prayer chain will pray for these requests daily.

You can request prayer by contacting the Priest-in-Charge, The Revd Philip Higgins – (03) 9598 1264.

A Prayer for the Parish of St Agnes, Black Rock.

Dear God, we find ourselves, the people of St Agnes, looking to new ventures and challenges to extend and deepen our community, to reach out to people beyond our church door, to touch them with your love. Help us to grow in faith as we seek this new direction. While we seek to work always in accordance with your will, give us the courage and insight to complete the old and begin the new and truly bear fruit in your name.

We pray always trusting in our Lord Jesus. Amen


In Our Creed, Lord, we say:
We believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.
May our creed be our prayer.
May you make it as we proclaim.

We believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.
Lord, your Church is not one.
Almost since the beginning your people have argued and dissented
but rather than doing the hard work of reconciliation
we have formed separate groups
so that we can surround ourselves with people
who support our way of seeing things.
And so now, Lord, we have divided your One Church
into Eastern and Western,
Catholic and Protestant,
Evangelical and Liberal and Traditional and Charismatic
and all the rest,
until we have thousands of denominations
We have fragmented your Church
and used these divisions to mark ‘us’ as separate from ‘them’
sometimes with violent and tragic consequences.

Give us your Spirit,
the spirit that leads us into truth,
so that we may agree on what is essential in our faith,
and offer freedom to others to practice those things that are essential,
but in all things charitable.
Give us humility to follow Jesus.
May we live in his prayer
that we are one
so that the world may know.

We believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.
Lord, your Church is not Catholic,
not universal,
not like, Lord, people like us,
and we are fearful of those who are different.
Strangers make us uncomfortable, Lord,
simply because they are ‘strange’ to us.

Help us to listen to the stories of those who are different,
those of different races and culture and language.
May we listen, especially, to the stories of those
who have experienced war and displacement
and those who have become refugees.
May we listen, too, to the stories of those whose
sexual orientation is different to ours,
and those whose lives and families seem so strange to us.

May we see in all people
our common humanity,
humanity made in our image,
humanity carrying the promise of divinity.

We believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

Lord, we of your Church are not apostolic,
we are not the ‘sent out’ ones.
We like to much our comfortable lives,
with the people, things and patterns we know well.
It is not easy to go –
to leave our comfort zones
and go where your world is broken, hurting and despairing.

Help us, Lord, be ready to act,
ready to engage
where there is need and where we can offer our help.

Lord, this is our world, that you loved so much
that you sent Jesus to show us that love.

Show us that love, Lord,
that we may overcome our fear
and be your people in the world
that it may know your love, peace and reconciliation.

We are you Church, Lord.
Make us one, holy, catholic and apostolic.

May your kingdom come
in us.
May your will be done
in us,
as it is in heaven. Amen.